Playing Halo is as addictive as heroin or crack cocaine, says judge in Halo killer case

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Or rather stopping playing Halo is as hard as giving up heroin or crack cocaine, according to the judge handling the case of Daniel Petric, who said “When you stop [playing the game], your brain won’t stand for it, just as it wouldn’t stand for it when you quit using heroin or crack cocaine” when summing up the case.

The judge ruled that 17-year-old Petric was guilty of killing his mum and attempting to kill his dad, after they tried to stop him playing Halo so much by confiscating the disc. Yes, really…

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New Halo 3 trailer features "Maddie" reference, Bungie claim "Unfortunate coincidence"

Duncan Geere Gaming 5 Comments


This is a screenshot from a trailer that Halo developers Bungie released yesterday for the upcoming Halo 3 Campaign Experience. As you can see, it says “Maddie, where are you?”. Many have taken it to be a reference to Madeline McCann, the 5-year-old whose disappearance dominated British tabloid media for the entirety of last year…

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YouTube Hits: What if Nintendo made Halo 3?

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It’s a dangerous question to ask, and I’m surprised the comments over on the video at YouTube aren’t laced with more vitriol!

I think a better question to ask would be ‘what would Wii Fit look like if it was made for the PS3?’ Anyone else think it would involve reaching forward 3cm and flicking the switch on the side of the PS3 waffle grill?

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The Halo 3 My Little Pony is the best freakin' thing I've seen on the net all week

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I’m not ashamed to admit I played with My Little Pony toys as a kiddywink, but I also played with LEGO and Scalextric if that redeems me. As you can imagine, this Halo-themed pony has pleased me greatly.

Your daughter/niece/stolen Madeleine McCann might not appreciate being presented with a Master Chief lookalike, but the Custom Pony competition judges over in Kentucky, USA sure did, awarding the designer second place. Created using…

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Halo shoes – for the man who has everything to do with Halo, apart from the shoes

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They’re by Adidas. They have the Halo logo on them. They are black, which is definitely the best colour choice for an item of clothing aimed at teenage males who are into Halo. It’s quite subtly done, but chances are you still wouldn’t really want people to see you wearing them.

Here they are:


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Stunning video of a boy's home made Master Chief costume

Gary Cutlack Gaming 2 Comments

A slightly self-conscious youth by the name of Ashley has spent the last few weeks furiously creating his own version of Master Chief’s armour, as worn in such blockbuster games as Halo, Halo 2 and Halo 3.

Now usually, this sort of unusual teenage dress-up activity is confined to the bedroom. But brave Ashley has stuck a video of him modelling his work up on to YouTube for the education and mocking entertainment of the world. Watch him flex and pose like Master Chief off his tits in a gay disco:

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Jeep Renegade concept hybrid is straight outta Halo

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This isn’t just a “bit like” Halo 3’s Warthog multi-personnel deathwagon, it’s practically identical. The same big wheels. The same front end. The same roofless design. The same low-profile active camouflage green. The same cut-away back bit for angry space marines to stand on and fire turret guns into the vulnerable cargo bays of attacking alien spaceships.


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