The Top 20 Most Depressing Video Games of All Time

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Video games. We play them because they are fun. But are they always happy? No. Not by a long, long shot. Here Tech Digest run-down the top 20 most depressing video games of all time, depressing not because they…

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PREVIEW: Dishonored (Xbox 360, PC, PS3)

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Cross Bioshock with Splinter Cell and Half Life 2 and you'd get a fairly good idea of what Dishonored, Bethesda's latest first person adventure, looks and feels like. Developed by Arkane Studios (whose ranks include Harvey Smith of Deus Ex…

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Half-Life remade in the Half-Life 2 engine – Black Mesa Source trailer released

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If you never played Half-Life, you missed out on one of the defining moments of videogaming history. Before Half-Life, first-person shooters were dumb, and just involved ‘fragging’ your enemies. After Half-Life, nothing was the same again – its immersive, story-driven experience raised the bar so far that no-one matched it for years.

And now it’s being remade, by a team of fans, in the engine of its ‘brilliant-but-in-a-very-different-way’ successor Half-Life 2. They’ve just released a trailer, it’s right there, at the top of the post. Click play. Even if you only played ten seconds of the original game, you’ll recognise the iconic opening sequence.

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The only action you're going to get this V-day: PSPSPS's list of video game lovers

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Al from our PS3 blog, PSPSPS, has put together a handy top ten list of the sweetest couples within gaming. Featuring Carl Johnson and Catalina from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance from Half-Life 2 (pictured), Wander and Mono from Shadow of the Colossus and a bunch of others, it’s enough to make any hardened fanboy’s heart warm up by a…

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