Quick! Encrypt your hard drives now: Euro police could be hacking your PC

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It’s very easy to become alarmed by some of the scaremongering stories which appear in certain sections of the UK press when it comes to technology and privacy, but this one – if abused – could be pretty serious indeed.

According to The Times, The Home Office has developed plans to give the UK police force the power to remotely hack into the personal computer of anyone it suspects might be involved with something dodgy — you know, terrorism, paedophilia, drug trafficking, that kind of thing — without a warrant, with the additional joyous notion that police forces from across the European Union can request information on any British Citizen.

Yes, it does all sound a bit Daily Mail, but unsurprisingly it’s raised the hackles of the human rights group Liberty, which has said that it will mount a legal challenge.

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WPA Wi-Fi security gets cracked

Duncan Geere Wi-Fi 3 Comments


There are several ways to crack a wireless network’s security. The weakest, WEP, can be easily cracked using customized Linux software, but until today, Wi-Fi Protected Access (or WPA) had been considered secure. Not any more. Researchers have announced that they’ve developed a way to partially crack the encryption standard, but I warn you, it’s not easy.

The researchers, Erik Tews and Martin Beck, have found a way to break the Temporary Key Integrity Protocol (or TKIP) in as little as 15-12 minutes. They have not yet, however, managed to crack the encryption keys used to secure the data that travels from the PC to the router.

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iPhone Dev Team releases PwnageTool 2.0.1 for iPhone 2.0 jailbreaking

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The iPhone Dev Team yesterday announced the release of their PwnageTool 2.0.1, allowing any iPhone to be “jailbroken” in order to run unsanctioned third-party applications.

Seems there are a huge number of people who want to hack into their iPhone, as demand took down their servers for a period of time.

The software will jailbreak and unlock any first generation iPhone or iPod Touch running either version 1 or version 2.0 firmware, and will jailbreak the iPhone 3G. They’re still working on a way to unlock the newest iPhone so that it can be used on any other network…

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Hackers can exploit ISPs quest for cash by spoofing non-existent web sites

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For a while now, some Internet Service Providers have been taking advantage of unused domain names and subdomains in order to make some cash by displaying advertising when someone types in a non-existent web site address.

A recent study by IOActive security researcher Dan Kaminsky proves there’s a security flaw that could let malicious hackers set up authentic-looking web sites in order to fool Web users…

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iPhone Software Development Kit coming March 6th?

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Apple iPhoneApple has called a special event at its Cupertino headquarters next Thursday, 6th March, to discuss the current state of the iPhone and its future.

It’s widely believed that Apple will use this time to launch — or at least provide a decent information update — on the Software Development Kit (SDK). Steve Jobs had originally said that this software, which will allow third-party applications to natively (and officially) run on the iPhone, would be available this month. However, that date slipped.

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Hack your old Xbox – turn it into the perfect media player

Gary Cutlack Gaming, Home audio, Home cinema, Software

xbmc_alpha_screenshot.jpgThe old Xbox is a sensational machine. Well, it’s a PC in a box you can put under your TV, which makes it ideal for use as a media player – but you have to hack it open first.

A guide over on Lifehacker goes though the step-by-step means to “softmod” your old Xbox…

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