Facebook hit by "sophisticated" hacking attack

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Social networking giant Facebook have been hit by what it describes as a "sophisticated" hacking attack through a previously unknown loophole in its systems. Though the company insists that none of the personal data belonging to its 1 billion+ users…

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BEWARE: This hack can remotely wipe your Samsung Galaxy S III

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It's bad enough when you clumsily manage to wipe a few odd bits of data off your phone by accident. But what if your entire phone was wiped, AND your SIM-card killed, remotely by hackers without you being able to…

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Google Chrome store hit by Facebook hack extension

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Google Chrome users beware: a series of new extensions claiming to add customisation options to your Facebook profile are in fact malicious tools created by hackers intended to hijack your social networking accounts. Hiding in plain sight on the official…

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Sony in PSN, SOE lock down after new hacking attempt

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Sony have "locked-down" some 93,000 accounts after they found yet another attempt to hack their PlayStation Network, Sony Entertainment Network, and Sony Online Entertainment databases had been made. Detecting a large number of unauthorised attempts to access accounts "using very…

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