eBook-only Guinness World Records "Totally Bonkers Sporting Champions" highlights kings of kook

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While this summer will be dedicated to gold medallists at the pinnacle of mainstream sport, Guinness World Records aren't going to let us forget that there's a kookier side to sport out there too. They've today released the eBook-only Totally…

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Tech Digest's wasted youth has paid off; we're now official holders of a Guinness World Record for playing Tetris! Myself (Gerald) and ShinyShiny editor Becca Caddy now hold the record for the "Highest score on Tetris (Nintendo, 1986) for a…

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HANDS ON: World's Largest NES Videogame Controller earns Guinness World Records spot

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The Guinness World Record for the largest videogame controller on the planet has been broken! British electrical engineering student Ben Allen along with co-creators Stephen van 't Hof and Michel Verhulst put together a gigantic 12ft x 5ft 3 in x 1ft 8 in, 18 stone NES controller…

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APP OF THE DAY: Guinness World Records – At Your Fingertips

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Today's App of the Day come's courtesy of the record breaking folk over at Guinness. Their iPad-only Guinness World Records: At Your Fingertips may not feature the skirt-ripping charms of Cheryl Baker like the old TV series used to, but…

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Londoner? Gamer geek? Want to be in the Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition?

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Oooh, now this is exciting! London is trying to get itself into the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition, by gathering together the largest group ever of games characters on March the 18th.

If you fancy it, join me (dressed as Mario, left) and hopefully thousands of other Londoners at 10.30am at the Millennium Bridge dressed in either your favourite gaming character’s togs, or whatever you have lying around your house which could turn you into the Kind of All Cosmos from Katamari Damacy.

Everyone who attends will be featured…

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