Smartphone switchover tips: Making the jump between Android, iPhone and BlackBerry that bit easier

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Did you upgrade from one smartphone to another over the Christmas period? Maybe you jumped from one operating system, like Google's Android, to Windows Phone 7 from Microsoft or iOS with the iPhone? It can be a relatively stressful…

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Big patches already planned for Star Wars: The Old Republic

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It may only be enjoying its first fledgling days as the world's premier space-faring MMORPG, but BioWare and EA already have massive updates planned for Star War: The Old Republic. Just like every other MMO, designed to consume hundreds of…

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Top 50 iPad Gaming Apps

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The very, very best in iPad gaming, collected in one place for your browsing pleasure!

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Spotify: Everything You Need To Know

Gerald Lynch Digital Music, Features, music, Round ups, Spotify, Tech Digest news 27 Comments

It's taken far longer than American music lovers would have liked, but finally Spotify, the world's premier music streaming service, has launched stateside. Fans of the service in the UK, Sweden and across Europe have raved on about how…

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GUIDE: What to look for when buying a website domain name

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What's in a name? Well, quite a lot when it comes to the web, actually. Picking the perfect domain name can be as difficult as naming a child, and when you think about how much time and effort you're…

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HOW TO: Watch Premier League football without Sky on a foreign satellite

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Football fans and pub owners alike were crossing their fingers and holding their breath in anticipation, following the news that Karen Murphy (landlady of the Red White and Blue in Southsea) stood on the verge of a landmark ruling that…

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Nintendo 3Ds pre-orders drop below £200 at Sainsbury's

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The Nintendo 3DS, the gaming giant's forthcoming glasses-free 3D handheld, holds the dubious title of being proclaimed the most expensive portable games console ever, with an estimated retail price of around £229. Ouch. If you're on a tight budget but…

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Sony NGP (PSP2) vs. Nintendo 3DS

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With this morning's unveiling of the Sony NGP and Nintendo's 3DS finally getting an official launch date, we've got the first proper handheld gaming console fight since the release of the original Nintendo DS back in 2004. Both are high-powered…

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Facebook photos: A visual guide to social network narcissism

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Now this is excellent. The folks over at Fast Company have put together a handy guide on how a person's Facebook profile picture relates to their personality and character. Cropped to just a forehead and eyes? "Possibly Fat". Zoomed to…

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Tablet PCs Buyers Guide: Part One – Operating Systems

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Netbooks are like, SO last year. This year, computing is all about the tablet. After many unsuccessful attempts at capturing the public's imagination with the form from the likes of Microsoft, Apple finally nailed it with their iPad. It's…

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