GTA 5 will be better than Metal Gear V fears "depressed" Hideo Kojima

NGLoBuglio Gaming, Tech Digest news 4 Comments

Hideo Kojima has expressed his fears that Grand Theft Auto V is going outdo his attempts to make a genre-defining free roam game with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Speaking to his Twitter followers, he stated that the…

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VIDEO: Three new Grand Theft Auto 5 trailers revealed – GTA V trio of playable characters showcased

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Three new Grand Theft Auto trailers have been released by Rockstar, focussing on the game's three playable protagonists Michael, Franklin and Trevor. Hit the embedded video above to check them out. It's the first new footage of the eagerly-anticipated open-world…

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Sci-fi Grand Theft Auto game "very tempting" says RockStar boss

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What's better than a free-roaming crime sim? How about a free-roaming crime sim in space? That's one potential idea that's been floating around the HQ of Grand Theft Auto designers RockStar, a new interview with key team members at the…

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GTA V TRAILER 2: Rockstar reveal more Grand Theft Auto 5 details in new video

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Rockstar have today revealed the second trailer for the hotly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V. The 1.50 trailer reveals plenty of new details from the game, showing off train crashes, jet fighter dogfights, actual dogs, swamp-like regions, the strained relationship…

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