Digital Economy Bill will not be repealed

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The Digital Economy Bill, the move rushed in during the last days of the Labour government that would see ISPs suspending the accounts of illegal file-sharers, will not be repealed. That is according to the New Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport…

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Sony executive calls for changes to Australian videogames classification system

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Australia has one of the most notoriously strict game rating systems in the world. Many games receive an adult rating in other parts of the world, but otherwise remain untouched, shipping the same way as the developers initially intended….

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Poll: What has caused BlackBerrys to be banned from David Cameron's Cabinet?

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According to BBC Five Live, BlackBerry smartphones have been banned from the UK Cabinet. In a week in which the UK has seen it's first coalition government formed in over three decades, you'd think any device that could help communications…

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Facebook adds "I've Voted" button for General Election

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If you're a UK resident and haven't been living under a stone for the last month, you'll know that today is vote-casting day in one of the most closely run General Elections in recent history. Facebook, recognising its platform's ability…

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UK super-fast broadband tax scrapped at the last minute

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The controversial £6 per year super-fast broadband tax has been dropped as the government races to push through key legislation before Parliament is dissolved next week. The tax on all households with a land-line was to raise £170 million a…

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Metropolitan Police to monitor internet café users in new terrorism crackdown

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Police are trialling a new anti-terrorism measure in which owners of internet cafés are asked to monitor the content their customers access. Any suspicious behaviour pertaining to violent extremism is asked to be passed on to the Metropolitan Police for…

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Learn what it takes to become a Royal Navy engineer with this new iPhone app

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Thinking of becoming one of the Royal Navy's elite engineers? Then test your mettle with this new iPhone app. Designed to replicate the challenging scenarios that the engineers face on a daily basis, the app features five mission that include…

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BT slams government's plans to tackle illegal file sharers

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Dealing with online piracy has often been a bone of contention between operators and the government, but since the plans laid out in the Digital Economy Bill were announced, disagreements has stepped up a notch. Now BT's chief executive Ian…

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