General election leads to "unprecedented" traffic for BBC website

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After one of the most closely-run election races in recent history, it looks like the UK is headed for a hung parliament. With a massive turnout, voters have turned in their droves to the BBC website, who are reporting incredibly…

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15 Must-Follow General Election Twitter feeds

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If there is one thing other than "Bigotgate" that this General Election will be remembered for, it'll be the growing use of social media to share party policies and give voice to the nation's voters. From the #nickcleggsfault hashtag to…

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The General Election in 12 YouTube videos

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The 2010 General Election is almost upon us, and after months of long, hard campaigning up and down the streets of Britain, it's turned out to be pretty riveting, nail-biting stuff. A real three-horse race for the first time…

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Facebook and YouTube line-up digital election debates with Party leaders

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The leaders of the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties will all be taking part in online debates in the run up to this year's general election. Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg will answer questions asked by the…

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Tories plan super-fast broadband network by 2017

Gerald Lynch Broadband, Tech Digest news 2 Comments

The Conservative party have vowed to deliver a super-fast broadband network to UK homes by 2017. Is this a case of pre-election carrot-dangling or do the Tories have some concrete plans up their sleeves? The Tories plan to end BT's…

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Cameron not as quick on Mumsnet as Brown – calls BBC 'very overextended'

Ashley Norris Internet Leave a Comment

The latest political showdown on Mumsnet looks like delivering a points victory for Gordon Brown. Apparently David Cameron, who answered questions on a live web chat on the site today, was criticised by some posters as taking too long to answer. Brown apparently answered 30 questions in his hour on the site (could have been 31 if he'd taken the biscuit challenge) while the Tory leader managed just 16.

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Britain to set up cyber-security centre

Paul Lamkin Internet Leave a Comment


Gordon Brown has announced the creation of a cyber-security operations centre to protect Britain for cyber-attacks. “Just as in the 19th century we had to secure the seas for our national safety and prosperity, and in the 20th century we had to secure the air, in the 21st century we also have to secure our position in cyberspace,” he said.

The team is set to include young computer geeks with questionable pasts. Terrorism Minister Lord Alan West said: “You need youngsters who are actually deep into this stuff. If they’ve been slightly naughty, very often they really enjoying stopping others.”

The aim of the unit will be to protect sensitive systems from spies, thieves, terrorists and other Bond-villains. West has stated that BT’s systems, for example, come under attempted attack at least 1,000 times a day. Jonathan Evans, head of MI5, has warned that both China and Russia are spying on Britain through technology.

In response to this news I’d just like to make it known that I, myself, am somewhat of a computer geek and I do have the required questionable past – I used to copy Amiga games off of my mates. I’d be willing to join the crack team for a £50k salary, company car and Bupa membership.

(via Fox News)

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Gallery: Tech Digest top picks from the British Motor Show 2008

Daniel Sung Gallery, Vehicles 2 Comments

I was lucky enough to have a little shmoose at the British Motor Show 2008 down at the ExCel showroom in the docklands this morning, and along with about 1,000 USB sticks, 100 press packs and a replica Champions League football, I managed to take a few snaps of the cars that I liked most. Click on the image and take the scenic route…

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Gordon Brown embraces exciting new "internet" technology – puts Prime Minister's Question Time on YouTube

Gary Cutlack Internet, Online TV, Web 2.0, Websites 3 Comments


The forward-thinking Mr Brown has just dragged UK democracy into the 21st century today, with the launch of Prime Minister’s Question Time – on YouTube.

The new official channel features an “Ask the PM” section which allows user to submit their video questions for the cool and connected Mr Brown, who will then attempt to mask his contempt long enough…

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