Chris Urmson, Google

TED Talk: Google’s self drive car project will be live in 5 years. ‘Before my son can drive!’

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I'm not sure it's a great reason to completely revolutionise four-wheeled transport. But Chris Urmson, director of Google's self-drive car project, told delegates at a Ted (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference yesterday that his motivation for ensuring that the technology is standard on roads within five years is because his eldest son, who is 11,…

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Tweets to start appearing in Google search results again

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Google and Twitter have inked a deal to enable real time tweet results to appear in searches on Google, apparently. According to Bloomberg, the deal gives Google direct access to Twitter's "firehose" stream, meaning we could soon see real time tweet results - which will be great for anyone searching for details on breaking news…

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Google pulls support for the old Android browser – could this force people to upgrade?

James O'Malley Android, Apps 1 Comment

Google has announced that is ending official support for WebView, which is perhaps better known as the original Android web browser. You know the one - it was used on Android phones before Chrome came along, and even then co-existed for a while. According to The Register, the announcement will apply to anyone still running…

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Google is donating €250,000 to Charlie Hebdo

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In a gesture of support following yesterday's attack, Google is said to be donating a hefty amount to the satirical French magazine. According to Business Insider, the company will be donating €250,000 out of its "press innovation fund" to support the magazine - which is still planning publication next week, despite the tragedy. The fund…

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