Smartphone, laptop demands will lead to future metal shortages

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Geologists are warning of major shortages of certain types of metals as an "inexorable demand for consumer goods" such as smartphones and laptops is meaning that gadget manufacturers are using up the resources far more quickly than they can be…

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The world's 10 most ridiculously expensive mobile phones

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They've got the yacht, they've got the sports car, they've got the cryogenic freezing chamber and even a secret moon base. When money is not an option, what do you grab the billionaire who has it all? A swarovski…

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Pick up Shadow Complex on Xbox Live Arcade for just 800 MS points (£6.20)

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Each week the Xbox Live team put up a couple of offers to entice Gold subscribers to start flashing the moolah. Sadly, more often than not the games they pick to discount are rubbish. Not this week however. For…

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eBay Nutcase of the Week: Keith Senior "heaps shame" on England by selling Rugby World Cup medal

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Leeds Rhinos player Keith Senior has decided he doesn’t want or need a memento of England’s abysmal performance in the recent Rugby League World Cup – so he’s stuck his appearance medal on eBay.

The medal is currently going for £600 on the auction portal, triggering TABLOID OUTRAGE from newspapers who believe Keith’s being a bit of a traitor in flogging off a bit of English sporting history…

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Solid gold USB stick challenges your wallet

Duncan Geere Computers, Stupid Gadgets, USB Memory 5 Comments


If I learnt anything from the second series of Heroes, it’s that people who turn stuff into gold tend to end up in an early grave. A cautionary tale for Super Talent, who make USB drives out of 18 carat solid gold. The Pico-C USB drive. Oh, they cost US$599, by the way. What do you get for that cash? 8GB of storage, 30MB/s transfer speeds (gold’s a very good conductor) and water resistance, in case you drop it in your $300 glass of champagne.

The company will also etch anything you like onto it for no extra cost, like a pretty zebra, your primary school nickname (big ears), or maybe even your company’s logo. The whole thing arrives in a black velvet jewelery box with a certificate of authenticity and a gold keychain. I’ll say again – US$599. That’s £380. Yowch. Grab one on eBay and spraypaint it gold instead.

Super Talent (via ShinyShiny)

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