Top 10 Fun Gadget Christmas Gifts for under £50

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Christmas gifts can be boringly useful: Everyone needs new socks eventually, but it doesn't mean they want to unwrap them on Christmas morning whilst forcing a smile. So why not get something fun? Here's our top ten FUN Christmas gifts under £50 - they won't boost productivity, but they'll make Christmas more enjoyable.…

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3D Tech – Christmas Gift Guide 2010

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If 1991 was "the year punk broke", then 2010 similarly could be called "the year 3D broke". By broke, we mean "broke through to the mainstream"; going from a novelty cinema fad to a must-have technology in any budding gadget…

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Tron, Lego, Star Wars and more wrapped up by Firebox this Christmas

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If there was a tech equivalent of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, it'd probably be the gadget and gizmo heaven that is .Tech Digest recently got to have a play around with all their latest and greatest gear, and made…

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Video: Robot chimp? You got it; enter Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey

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Tipped for the top of kids' Christmas lists this year is Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey robot. Priced £24.99, Dave can perform over 30 different actions and movements, controlled via remote control. And yes, before you ask, that includes…

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Top Ten Geeky Valentine Presents: For Him

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It's that time of year again, where we all rush off to Clinton's for a naff card, a syrupy teddy and a box of Quality Streets for our loved ones. Yep, Valentine's Day rears its sickly head once again,…

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23% of Britons use the net to take a sneak peek at their Christmas presents

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A recent survey of 1,000 people conducted by web analytic specialists Webtrends has revealed that one-in-four of us will take a sneaky peek at what our partners have bought for us online this Christmas. No present-shaking guessing games for us…

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Brits get easier way to personalise T-shirts with CafePress UK launch

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Anyone who’s been hanging around the Internet for a while will probably have come across CafePress, a US-based site that allows T-shirts and various other gift/novelty items to be personalised and shipped.

Nice idea, except for the appalling pound-to-dollar exchange rate at the moment, plus the added cost and delay of importing gear from the States.

Fear not! CafePress has launched its UK web site which should make it less of a hassle to get your designs to the UK and Europe…

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