Will the Star Wars trailer break the internet tomorrow?

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You may have heard the rumours that a new Star Wars film is in production. Yeah, it's been kept pretty quiet, and almost nobody is talking about it, but Star Wars Episode VII - aka The Force Awakens - is due in cinemas around the world in December 2015. As is the movie industry's annoying…

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Top Ten Must-See 3D Movies of 2012 – The Hobbit, Prometheus and more!

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3D TVs still aren't quite taking off in the way the tech manufacturers had hoped for, but there's no sign of Hollywood slowing down their support for 3D content, what with the higher ticket prices they can charge for the…

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INTERVIEW: Lego Star Wars – The Clone Wars producer Nicolas Ricks

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A long time ago (yesterday) in a galaxy far, far away, (Knutsford, just outside of Manchester) Tech Digest went to visit the fine folks at Traveller's Tales, the development team behind the Lego Star Wars, Batman, Indiana Jones and Harry…

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George Lucas embarasses his fans further with announcement of animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars film

Katherine Hannaford Tech Digest news 1 Comment

George Lucas has reaffirmed the notion in most Star Wars fanboys’ minds that he is disintegrating into a gnarled old man consumed with wreaking havoc on his back catalogue, by announcing the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars film, out on August 15th.

You heard correctly. It’s leading on from where the 2002 movie Attack Of The Clones left off, and before 2005’s Revenge Of The Sith.

And is entirely animated.

At least we won’t have to put up with Hayden Christensen’s questionable acting, I suppose….

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