IFA 2008: Gear4 end radio tuning hell with their new iPod transmitters

Duncan Geere IFA 2008, MP3 players Leave a Comment


Susi Weaser writes…

iPod radio transmitters come under the bracket of ‘great in theory, poor in performance’. Often no matter how carefully you choose a clear frequency, the signal between the iPod and the car radio will drop out. Gear4 hope that they’ve rectified the problem, however, with their Follow Me technology…

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GEAR4 vibrating your tunes with the BlackBox Micro speaker

Andy Merrett Home audio 1 Comment


GEAR4 has announced the next in its line of BlackBox speaker systems: the BlackBox Micro.

The smallest speaker in the range (Micro is smaller than Mini, apparently) uses an SFX-enabled gel base which enhances bass reproduction and overall volume when placed on a flat, solid surface. An additional standard driver delivers crisp treble…

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Sub-£50 iPod speaker-system-dock-thing from GEAR4 released, BlackBox 24/7

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GEAR4 is on a roll of late, launching their fourth iPod docking system in the last month. The BlackBox 24/7, announced today, will join their first BlackBox product, with little discernible differences between the two.

Today’s product can dock, plus play from, your iPod, and has FM radio and an integrated alarm clock. As with most of these plastic boxes, it can wake you up with your choons, otherwise the radio or alarm buzzer. Getting…

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Gear4 HouseParty 4 – another faceless iPod dock

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It seems Gear4 is only happy when they’re making iPod docks. With not even a week since they released the StreetParty III, the High Wycombe company’s bods obviously switched one on at the launch party, cracked open a few celebratory beers and built the Gear4 HouseParty4…

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GEAR4 launches AirZone FM transmitter for iPod

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GEAR4, purveyors of fine iPod accessories, have launched their AirZone FM transmitter, allowing iPod owners to transmit music to any FM radio.

The slim design features a backlit LED screen which shows what FM frequency the unit is currently transmitting on, four preset buttons, bandwidth between 87.5 and 108 MHz, and support for stereo sound with full bass…

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