Batman The Dark Knight Rises app game coming to iPhone, iPad and Android

Gerald Lynch Android apps, Gaming, iPad apps, iPhone apps, Tech Digest news 2 Comments

With anticipation for the final part in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, "The Dark Knight Rises", reaching fever-pitch, what better time than now to reveal that there will be a tie-in gaming app landing for all major mobile platforms? Developed by…

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APP OF THE DAY: BackStab (iPhone / iPad)

Gerald Lynch iPad apps, iPhone apps, Tech Digest news 8 Comments

Assassin's Creed meets Pirates of the Caribbean in BackStab, an action adventure title from Gameloft first seen on Android phones now sailing its ship into iOS waters. Mixing 3rd person swordplay with Creed-style free running and the odd cannon-firing…

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CES 2011 – Panasonic launch TV gaming partnership with Gameloft

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Gameloft, the games developing company best known for their mobile app gaming franchises Asphalt and N.O.V.A, have announced a partnership that will see their games piped directly into Panasonic TVs through the manufacturers new Viera Connect Market service. Games can…

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App Store Round-Up: Iron Man 2, Linkin Park and more!

Gerald Lynch Apple, Features, Gallery, iPad, iPad apps, iPhone apps, Round ups, Tech Digest news 2 Comments

Linkin Park are "Crawling" (sorry) onto Apple's App Store this week, alongside an Iron Man 2 game, an official FA application to track the England World Cup football squad and Square Enix's latest handheld RPG, Chaos Rings. Check the gallery…

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Gameloft embracing iPhone gaming – has 15 on the go

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The fallout from the earth-shattering iPhone SDK revelations continue, with independent developer Gameloft revealing its iGaming plans.

And it has a lot of plans. 15 plans. 15 plans for 15 separate iPhone games scheduled for 2008 – but the only one confirmed so far is Bubble Bash to the left there.

Gameloft’s been pushing mobile phone gaming…

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Gameloft's Heroes: The Offical Mobile Game contains a SPOILER for season two

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Who isn’t watching Heroes these days, whether that’s by viewing the episodes as they air, live-streaming through some illegal site, downloading them on BitTorrent, or waited until the first series became available on yummy HD-DVD and ordered it from the US, like me? It’s the best thing since Lost, which is the best thing since 24, which is the best thing since, well…The Cosby Show?

The second series has started (of Heroes I mean, not The Cosby Show), and if you’re keen for a SPOILER, then…

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Pub Mania brings your local Nag's Head to your mobile phone

Katherine Hannaford Gaming, Mobile phones 1 Comment

pubmania1.gifHere’s one mobile game that’s after my own heart, Pub Mania, which is set in, whaddya know, a pub! Luckily it doesn’t come with the lairy lads, stale stench of sweat and beer and pork scratchings wrappers littering the floor. That’ll be in Cocktail Mania, heh.

Created by Gameloft, the game revolves around the idea that you’re a landlord (finally, a chance to play The Baddie in an all-too-familiar scene!), who has to show customers to their tables, take orders and serve up the gin and tonics. Watch out for the hot coffee mod which includes having to shoo junkies away from your beer garden, and break up bar fights between football fans…

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Guitar Legend: like Guitar Hero but on your mobile phone

Stuart Dredge Gaming, Mobile phones Leave a Comment

guitarlegend.gifGuitar Hero! Rawk! You should see my hot riffs. But surely it’s one console game that’ll never get converted to run on mobile phones…

But no. Mobile games publisher Gameloft hasn’t got the official Guitar Hero licence, but it has released a mobile game called Guitar Legend that uses the same core gameplay. So it’s all about pressing buttons according to notes travelling towards you on a guitar neck.

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Nirvana tracks licensed to PS3 Rock Band and mobile Guitar Legend games

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kurtcobain.jpgDid Kurt Cobain play computer games? History remains strangely silent on the issue. It’s hard to say whether he’d approve of Nirvana tracks being licensed out for use in musical rhythm games then. Still, that’s what’s happened, with news of two separate games that’ll allow fans to play along with Nirvana classics.

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