Sony announce Playstation Now US launch – how long until the UK can play too?

James O'Malley Gaming Leave a Comment

Sony has revealed that from the 13th January, American gamers will be able to play over 100 PS3 titles on their PS4 on a Netflix-style "Playstation Now" all-you-can-eat subscription service. The service works using streaming technology - with Sony running the games in the cloud, and sending the images back to consoles, and button presses…

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OnLive announce Wii U battling tablet game streaming for iOS and Android

Gerald Lynch Android, Android apps, Gaming, iPad, iPad apps, Tech Digest news 14 Comments

OnLive, the cloud streaming gaming service, announced the launch of a new app at the E3 conference that will allow console-quality games to be played on iPads and Android tablets. The OnLive Player app will work much like other versions…

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