SHINY VIDEO REVIEW: E-matic 4GB MP3 Player/Camera

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In the video above, Zara takes a look at a camera/MP3 player hybrid device. It’s a bit of a strange combination, especially as there’s no mobile phone in there anywhere, but considering the specs of the little thing, it’s remarkably cheap for what you’re getting.

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be available in the UK yet. Ah well – next Christmas perhaps.


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Bottle Cap Tripod: an almost DIY solution for camera owners

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Such a simple idea for those times when you’re stuck somewhere with your digital camera but no regular tripod: the Bottle Cap Tripod.

With a standard screw connector at one end, the other end fits any normal water bottle, turning it into an impromptu camera stand.

I wouldn’t feel particularly confident attaching anything much bigger than a light, compact camera to it, even if the bottle was filled with liquid, but it could solve some problems when you just have to get that steady shot…

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MySpace co-founder considering portable music device

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In an interview the other day, MySpace co-founder and CEO Chris DeWolfe said that he could see MySpace developing and launching a “device for listening to music” in the future, but that they’re currently just focusing on MySpace Music.

Earlier this year, MySpace launched a download store in conjunction with major labels. Building its own MP3 player which ties in to that service, and potentially allows users to stream tracks over wireless, would be an obvious next step for the social networking company. Especially if it starts offering Slacker-like features.

MySpace (via Reuters)

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trueCall can zap nuisance phone calls before they bug you

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Telemarketers, silent calls generated by overzealous diallers, over-exuberant automated American-accented robots, the slightly weird relative that you really don’t like talking to on the phone… they’re all reasons to get hold of trueCall, which is supposed to do a pretty good job of screening or zapping unwanted callers.

The trueCall screens phone numbers, letting through ones it recognises on its “star list”, zapping those on the blacklist, and asking unrecognised callers to leave a message…

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Guess how big a Nokia N810 is?

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Guesswork is YESTERDAY’S NEWS when it comes to accurate gadget sizing, thanks to oddball thing-size display site Pective.

Pective asks you for your screen size then lets you select from a vast array of gadgets to see how big they are. Yes, that is all it does. Good luck “monetising” this in the future, guys….

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Tech Trumpet: Mad Skype Mix

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Welcome to a new weekly feature: Tech Trumpet. Each week, I’ll be attempting to create something vaguely resembling “music” using various gadgets and computers.

This week, to ease things in gently, here’s a track made up entirely of sounds from my favourite piece of communications software, Skype. I’ll leave you to judge whether it’s electronica, synth, ambient, all or none of the above.

Hit the jump to play the music and find out what’s coming next week…

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Gyration Air Mouse launching in the UK

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Movea has announced that its Gyration Air Mouse, which allows control of a PC both with and without a flat surface to work on, is coming soon to the UK.

When you’ve a desk in front of you, its laser-guided precision tracking works just like a normal mouse. However, when you’re away from your desk, or feel like waving something around in the air while actually getting something useful done, its MotionSense technology provides precise in-air motion tracking. Giving the mouse quick flicks with the wrist can advance presentations, control multimedia, start and stop effects, change audio volume or TV channel, and more…

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Over 60,000 portable gadgets left in London taxis over the last six months

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Oh, so that’s what happened to your previous phone. And your previous MP3 player. And your previous laptop. And your previous house keys, wallet, trainers, watch and coat.

A survey by security firm Credant Technologies asked London cabbies what devices they’ve found in the backs of their cabs recently, coming up with the amazing figure that more than 60,000 gadgets have been forgotten in taxis by people we would assume to have been massively intoxicated, over the last six months…

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Phone jammer encases you in mobile silence, iPhone 3G users need not apply

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You know full well the irritation of being surrounded by teenagers, city types, or excitable young trendies jabbering away on their mobile phones (and if you don’t, it’s you), but fortunately this jammer has come to your rescue.

Able to create a 32 foot “dome” by blocking the frequencies used by cellphones, it should encourage those noisy talkers somewhere else…

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