Twitter directly from Flickr

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Flickr has joined the Twitter revolution and now allows users to directly post pictures or videos into their Twitter streams.

They can either be uploaded directly using a dedicated email address or can they can be tweeted from Flickr using the ‘blog this’ function.

The tweets will show a special short URL and the user will have 116 characters left to tweet any additional info.

It’s about time Flickr got official with Twitter. Services such as Twittergram have demonstrated that linking from Flickr is an easy thing to do.

(via Flickr)

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Slave Leia looked on proudly as Admiral Ackbar walked down the aisle

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It’s a Star Wars wedding. Not just a a cake grandma made that, from the right angle, looks a bit like a 2D Death Star, but a proper, CAN YOU BELIEVE THEY DID THAT? Star Wars wedding. Everyone put in some effort.

Here’s a small celebratory montage we’ve put together of the finest photos. The highlight is the ginger man who grew his beard out to be Chewbacca, plus the grey-haired man who used his natural assets to do a superb Ben Kenobi. The X-Wings let the side down a bit, mind. What’s with the socks?


The entire set is, incredibly, viewable by the general public over on Flickr. We wanted to poke fun, but… it’s sensational…

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Flickr hits two billion photo uploads – Australian gum tree immortalised

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Flickr’s been doing quite well. It’s now officially more than a bit popular, with the photo sharing mega-site revealing it now hosts a staggering two billion photos.

We have no idea whether this is impressive or not, but if Flickr’s sending out a press release about it and bragging about it on its blog it’s obviously pretty pleased with itself.


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