Pavlok fitness band will give you ELECTRIC SHOCKS if you don’t work out

James O'Malley Wearables, Web 2.0 8 Comments

Is your Fitbit too tame? Then check out the Pavlok - a similar device but with one crucial difference: It will punish you for not meeting your goals. Assuming it isn't some kind of joke (it seems to be real), Pavlok is based on the principle of "Willpower isn't enough. Habit change requires accountability." and…

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Jawbone shows how people were affected by San Francisco earthquake

James O'Malley Internet Of Things, Wearables, Web 2.0 Leave a Comment

Over the weekend San Francisco was hit by a major earthquake. The South Napa quake was apparently the strongest to hit Northern California in 25 years - and what's amazing is that thanks to wearable technology, we're able to see exactly how people felt it. In a blog post on the Jawbone site, the company…

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CES 2012's hottest fitness and health gadgets and apps

Ashley Norris Health 17 Comments

From research papers, new companies and industry rumours, we always knew 2012 was going to be a big year for fitness gadgets and technology that gives us the power to take control of our own health in a way…

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