“Gramography Cinegrams” will turn your Instagram photos into fridge magnets

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Weird stuff retailer Firebox has just launched a new product that will turn your Instagram photos into lenticular fridge magnets - so that the image displayed will change depending on the image you look at it. The new service starts at £7.99 and all you have to is upload your snaps, and they will be…

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Tron, Lego, Star Wars and more wrapped up by Firebox this Christmas

Gerald Lynch Camcorders, Cameras, Features, Gadgets, Gallery, Guides, Round ups, Stupid Gadgets, Tech Digest news, Toys, Travel Gadgets, Wi-Fi 1 Comment

If there was a tech equivalent of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, it'd probably be the gadget and gizmo heaven that is Firebox.com .Tech Digest recently got to have a play around with all their latest and greatest gear, and made…

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Revo AXiS digital radio iPod dock with Last.fm support coming soon from Firebox

Gerald Lynch Home audio, Tech Digest news 5 Comments

If you're a user of the Last.fm music streaming service, you'll already know that it rocks, providing you with personalised playlists from their catalogue of 5 million tracks based upon the artists you select as your favourites. It's a really…

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Air Keyboard – the latest wireless solution from Firebox

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The Air Keyboard, a tiny wireless keyboard ideal for the living room, is now for sale from Firebox. The Air Keyboard connects to your device of choice via a wireless USB dongle. Fully compatible with PCs, media centres and even…

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