The Elder Scrolls Online MMO: Everything We Know So Far

Gerald Lynch Gaming, Round ups, Tech Digest news 4 Comments

The Elder Scrolls is to make the transformation into the competitive world of MMORPGs. After years of speculation concerning a potential World of Warcraft rival in the Elder Scrolls universe, publishers Bethesda have revealed its officially happening. "We have been…

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Spotify: Everything You Need To Know

Gerald Lynch Digital Music, Features, music, Round ups, Spotify, Tech Digest news 27 Comments

It's taken far longer than American music lovers would have liked, but finally Spotify, the world's premier music streaming service, has launched stateside. Fans of the service in the UK, Sweden and across Europe have raved on about how…

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Garageband for iPad 2 FAQ: Everything you need to know

Gerald Lynch Apple, Digital Music, iPad, iPad apps, Tablet, Tech Digest news 5 Comments

Apple launched the iPad 2 last night and with it the news that the Mac computer's legendary music creation tool Garageband will be available as an app too at launch. Totally touch controlled, here's what you need to know about…

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Virgin Media speed throttling revisited — FAQ

Andy Merrett Broadband, Top stories 95 Comments


A consistently popular article on Tech Digest over the past year has been about Virgin Media’s broadband throttling scheme, whereby it slaps a speed limit on the customers it deems to be “heavy users” if they download or upload too much during peak hours.

It’s certainly got you hot under the collar, as most of the 80+ comments — plus the search terms you’re using to find the article in the first place — testify.

Here, as a public service, is Tech Digest’s Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] guide to Virgin Media’s broadband speed throttling.

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Struggling with Wii Mario Strikers Charged Football? Here's some tips

Stuart Dredge Gaming Leave a Comment

MSC_s2.jpgNintendo hit the back of the net with its excellent Mario Strikers Charged Football last week – it’s the first Wii game to be playable online, and as my review said, it’s ace. However, there’s already plenty of sharpshooters out there kicking sand (well, giant mushrooms) in newbies’ faces.

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