Picklive real-time fantasy football network launches in time for the World Cup!

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Picklive, the world's first real-time online fantasy football game, has just left the beta stage and is now open to all comers. Just in time for the World Cup too! Picklive takes the traditional fantasy football idea and condenses it…

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Opinion: Real-life Fantasy Football – it's what the Internet was made for

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Jon_smal.gifWe’ve all played Football Manager or Championship Manager and wished we could actually be doing it for real. After all, every fan knows better how to get results than the manager, players and those with the millions of pounds to fund the whole thing, don’t they?

Well, an Internet experiment could now reveal whether that really is the case. We’ve written before about website MyFootballClub, set up to give supporters the chance to own their own club. Each put in £35 and £700,000 was raised to buy an FC somewhere in the UK…

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