Facebook got annoyed by click-bait and you’ll never believe what happened next…

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Facebook has announced a tweak of its newsfeed algorithm that will cut down on the amount of "click-bait" you see on your news feed. You might never see Upworthy ever again. Apparently Facebook's intention is to give users more information when deciding whether to click on something - rather than have slightly misdirected "Upworthy" style…

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Police investigated over social media breaches

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Hundreds of police officers in England and Wales have been accused of breaches social media guidelines that include making racist and threatening comments, posing images of colleagues in compromising positions and sending Facebook friend requests to victims of crime. The BBC reports that research by the Press Association found that of 828 cases from 2009…

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WATCH: Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg poor a bucket of ice water over his head

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Yes, you read that right. It appears that erstwhile "Neknomination" phenomenon is being revived for a good cause. But rather than ask people to down drinks irresponsibly, the ALS Association in the US is raising awareness of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis by getting rich celebrities to drench themselves on camera. You can watch Mark Zuckerberg below,…

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Now Facebook will pay users to experiment on them

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Facebook appears to have learnt its lesson from the recent outcry over experiments that it carried out on its users. Sky News reports that Facebook is offering actual money to people who are willing to test out its new photo-messaging app, Slingshot. “Calling all Slingshot fans! Join our hand-picked group working to make the app…

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Dating site OkCupid also experiments on its users

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To paraphrase the Smashing Pumpkins, despite all our rage we are still just rats in a cage... In June, Facebook disclosed that it had tested to see if emotions were contagious, deliberately manipulating the emotional content of the news feeds for 700,000 people. Now it seems that Facebook is not the only website that conducts…

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William Shatner is not a fan of Facebook Mentions

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It's Facebook, Jim, but not quite as you like it. Canadian actor William Shatner — variously famous as eccentric lawyer Denny Crane on Boston Legal, beat cop TJ Hooker, womanising starship captain James T Kirk and a "singer" — is, unlike most 83-year-olds, quite a dab hand at social media. And he's not backward in…

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