Could “Books” be the new Facebook?

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You know when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg endorses a technology then it is time to sit up and pay attention. Media reports suggest that Zuck has gone on the record talking about his enthusiasm for "Books". Books are essentially a medium through which ideas can be stored and shared. Each individual book, which is usually…

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5 takeaways from the “Facebook at Work” rumours

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If this rumours this morning are correct, Facebook is planning to go after business users, with a new product called "Facebook at Work". According to the FT, the new service will "allow users to chat with colleagues, connect with professional contacts and collaborate over documents". It's a really interesting move - here's five things we…

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Facebook adds Safety Check for when your friends are caught up in disaster areas

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Have you ever seen a big disaster on the news, and worried that your family and friends might be in the middle of it? Brilliantly, Facebook has just added a new tool that will put minds at ease. Safety Check will activate when there's a disaster and Facebook knows that you're nearby - either through…

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Is Facebook about to launch a system for paying friends cash?

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Lending your friends money could be about to come a whole lot easier thanks to Facebook, which is apparently planning an in-app payment system for Facebook Messenger. We've all been there: After a meal with a few people in a restaurant it comes down to settling the bill, and it becomes unbearable everyone scrabbles around…

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Facebook experiments with disappearing posts

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Facebook is taking a leaf out of Snapchat's book and testing out self-destructing posts. The social network is running a pilot programme where it allows users to schedule an expiration time for posts they publish. The time frame varies from one hour to seven days. After that, Facebook's servers take up to 90 days to delete…

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Facebook got annoyed by click-bait and you’ll never believe what happened next…

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Facebook has announced a tweak of its newsfeed algorithm that will cut down on the amount of "click-bait" you see on your news feed. You might never see Upworthy ever again. Apparently Facebook's intention is to give users more information when deciding whether to click on something - rather than have slightly misdirected "Upworthy" style…

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