New screenshots back up Samsung Galaxy S4 eye-tracking Smart Scroll rumours

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More evidence backing up a potential eye-tracking "Smart Scroll" feature in the Samsung Galaxy S4 has been uncovered by SamMobile. The page navigation system, first spotted by the NYT, would see a user manipulate and scroll through pages and emails…

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VIDEO: Tobii EyeAsteroids eye-controlled arcade game tested!

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Tech Digest headed down to London's Trocadero arcade yesterday to test out the world's first eye-controlled coin-op game, the Tobii EyeAsteroids. No tricks here guys, I'm taking down the killer asteroids with just the movement of my eyes! After…

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Look, no hands! Eye-tracking World of Warcraft interface lets you grind mobs on sight

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Researchers at the De Montford University, UK are developing a pioneering new eye-tracking system to enable users to control computers with out touching a keyboard or mouse.

The Eye-Gaze system works by reflecting infrared light from LEDs below the screen to track movement using infrared cameras. Kind of like reversed Wii Remote, in a way. Essentially this can track where you're looking at the screen to within 5mm.

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