LaCie Rugged Safe hard drive offers 1TB of storage and military-grade protection

Gerald Lynch Hard Drives, Tech Digest news 9 Comments

LaCie, veterans in the portable storage field, have today unveiled their Rugged Safe external hard drive range. Not content with shock-proofing your precious digital files with military grade exterior rubber shielding, it also offers 128-bit AES hardware encryption. That,…

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Keep your porn more hidden than ever with Lenovo's 128-bit encrypted ThinkPad USB Portable Secure HD

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We’re sure there are plenty of uses for external hard drives other than using them as hiding places for pornography. Like, er, as a back up for treasured family photos. 320GB of treasured family photographs.

If you have need for a large chunk of external memory and need it safely locked away behind a 128-bit virtual wall (then hidden in the loft or underneath a floorboard until you’ve got the house to yourself), Lenovo has it covered with its ThinkPad USB Portable Secure Hard Drive – complete with onboard…

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Powergorilla and Solargorilla juice up your laptop on the move

Duncan Geere Computers, Laptops / Notebooks, Peripherals Leave a Comment

powergorilla charging laptop.JPG

Powergorilla is a brilliantly named product from Powertraveller. It’s basically a big ol’ battery, which you plug your laptop into, and it’ll charge your laptop’s onboard battery for you. A fully charged Powergorilla will give you two to six extra hours of laptop battery…

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External hard drive planned for Nintendo Wii, or so the latest rumours go

Katherine Hannaford Gaming 1 Comment


Could Nintendo be answering many fanboys’ prayers message board tantrums, and be developing an external hard drive?

If an employment advertisement posted by Nintendo of America is anything to go by, then yes, yes they are. The job noticed called for developers to design a “test plan for Wii’s USB devices”, once again stoking the fire of external hard drive rumours.

Sadly the Nintendo of Europe head honcho, Laurent Fischer, claimed…

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LG announces BE06LU10 external Blu-ray rewriter and HD DVD-ROM drive

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LG’s mobile phone department may be going from strength to strength, but with their recent announcement that they won’t be giving up on the HD DVD format, the situation on that side of the company will be going through some tough times in the coming months.

The Korean giant is putting its money where its mouth is, with the release of the BE06LU10, an external Blu-ray rewriter and HD DVD-ROM. With read speeds of 6x for both HD DVD and Blu-ray, it also…

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Put that dusty Apple floppy drive to use, make an amplifier mod outta it

Katherine Hannaford Computers, Home audio Leave a Comment


Some bloke over at Hacked Gadgets has taken his hand out of his underpants, and put it to good use – making an amplifier out of an Apple floppy drive.

It shouldn’t come to too much expense, and you’ll be able to pick up a 5.25 floppy drive fairly easily from eBay or even your shed if you save relics from your IT past. Finally – a suitable way to…

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As expected, Microsoft confirms the discontinuation of the HD DVD add-on

Katherine Hannaford Gaming, HD DVD Leave a Comment

This will come as no surprise to anyone who knows a smidgen of information regarding the events from the last two months’ worth of HD DVD/Blu-ray torment.

With Toshiba’s announcement last Tuesday that they were ceasing their involvement in the HD DVD format, all eyes were on Microsoft and their Xbox 360.

On Saturday, news leaked that the inevitable had occurred, and Microsoft would discontinue their external HD DVD drive, however they will continue to offer technical support and even repair the £99 device if needed. Don’t give up hope on all…

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