15 Must-Follow General Election Twitter feeds

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If there is one thing other than "Bigotgate" that this General Election will be remembered for, it'll be the growing use of social media to share party policies and give voice to the nation's voters. From the #nickcleggsfault hashtag to…

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The General Election in 12 YouTube videos

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The 2010 General Election is almost upon us, and after months of long, hard campaigning up and down the streets of Britain, it's turned out to be pretty riveting, nail-biting stuff. A real three-horse race for the first time…

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Shiny Video: Cheap pound shop batteries EXPOSED

Gary Cutlack Video Reviews 6 Comments

Hi everyone, I’m here today with a very important piece of investigative journalism about the SHODDY and downright shameful state of the discount battery market.

Watch with HORROR as I insert a brand new set of cheap batteries into a torch – only to be rewarded by a pathetic five seconds of usable power. You may well get 12 batteries for £1 – but what use are they if they fizzle out after five pathetic seconds?

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