CES 2013: Day two round-up – Razer Edge, ZTE Grand S and more!

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Day two of the world's biggest technology show *in the world* is in full swing and while all the big boys have had their fun with giant press conferences, our attentions turn to the smaller guys in town. Today's most…

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CES 2013: Day one round-up – Valve's Steam Box, Samsung's UN85S9 4K TV and more!

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CES 2013 has officially opened its doors! Things got off to a good start with the exciting announcement of Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 800 mobile processors, looking set to herald in a new age of smartphone greatness, while both Sony and…

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CES 2013: Pre-show round up – PaperTab, Nvidia Shield and more!

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CES 2013 is here! Weeks of rumours and leaks are over and the show-proper is about to begin. The biggest week in the tech year, the Las Vegas show is opening its doors officially tomorrow on January 8, but there's…

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Kogan consumer electronics to take on "rip-off Britain"

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New-kids-on-the–consumer-electronics-block Kogan are preparing to set up shop in the UK, and are looking to take on the extortionate prices of "rip-off Britian" head on. The company have been doing roaring trade over in Australia, offering prices 20% to 50%…

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Bargain of the Week: Decent discounts off Sennheiser headphones

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Welcome to Bargain of the Week, where I’ll take a look around the web for the best tech/gadget bargain I can find, and report back to you.

This week, you can grab a 20% discount on any pair of Sennheiser headphones when you buy an MP3 player from Advanced MP3 Players.

Simply enter the code listenlive at the checkout (and buy both items together in the same transaction) for the saving…

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Top ten things Tech Digest is looking forward to at CES 2008, part two

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tech-digest-fear-loathing-CES.jpgWe’re out in Las Vegas now, and it’s high time I wrapped up our Top Ten Things We’re Looking Forward To At CES 2008 feature. Before I have any more margaritas, obviously. Here’s numbers six to ten…

6.) 2008’s touted iPhone killer –
Sigh. How I hate writing those words, but we all know it’s true. Whilst 3GSM is the big mobile-con of the year, handset manufacturers can hardly avoid the temptation of announcing the year’s ‘must-have’ fingerprint smeared devices – after all, the whole world’s technology media is in attendance, promising…

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30 last-minute tech gadget Christmas stocking fillers

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While I don’t condone the fact that you’ve left Christmas shopping to the last minute and you’ve spent nearly all your cash at the work’s Christmas do, I’ve written this guide because I feel sorry for your techie relatives who might not get anything this Yuletide.

So, here we go with the Tech Digest under-a-tenner stocking filler guide.

You’ve left it far too late to order any of this stuff online, but you have a few days to run around the overcrowded stores in your home town, and hopefully you’ll find at least a couple of these items.

Just don’t expect to find them in the 24-hour petrol station.

1_nintendo_ds_6_in_1_travel_pack.jpg1. DS Lite 6-in-1 Travel Pack

Charge your games console while on the road with this convenient DS Lite 6-in1 Travel Pack. The kit comprises a soft pouch, USB car adaptor, USB power cable and three game cases to protect and store your cartridges.[£4 Woolworths]

2_pc_usb_game_controller.jpg2. PC USB Controller

Ideal for racing games and other gaming control, offering four front mounted action buttons and eight-way directional thumb pad. [£4.99 Woolworths]

3_psp_crystal_case.jpg3. PSP Crystal Case

Offers protection from scratches without breaking the bank. [£4.99 Woolworths]

4_chad_valley_buzz_off.jpg4. Chad Valley Buzz Off

All the fun of the fair with this portable buzzer wire game. [£5.99 Woolworths]

5_spin_the_bottle.jpg5. Spin the Bottle

Don’t waste time looking for an empty wine bottle and making up your own questions. This electronic version will do it for you. [£7.49 Woolworths]

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RIM sues LG over their phone names being too close to the BlackBerry name

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blackberry-RIM-mob.jpgDon’t count on Research In Motion launching any new BlackBerry smartphones over the next few months – they’re far too busy suing LG Electronics for trivial matters concerning copyright brand names.

It appears RIM has nothing better to do than accuse LG of taking inspiration from their ‘BlackBerry’ brand…

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LG create world's most idiotic product, the MP3 player washing machine

Katherine Hannaford Home Appliances

mp3washingmachine.jpg I’m beginning to think that the folks at LG have far too much time on their hands. After all, they obviously searched the world high and low to bring you – in Gary’s opinion – the world’s finest female model, so I can imagine the designers sitting around their board table, twiddling their fingers. “Hmm, what pointless device can we come up with next? I KNOW! A WASHING MACHINE/MP3 PLAYER HYBRID!”…

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