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Netbook fan? Me too! That’s why I was dead excited to try out the latest Eee, and you know what? It’s a bit of a monster. Montrously powerful, by netbook standards, and with a montrous battery life.

Unfortunately it’s also monstrously heavy, weighing in at 1.4kg. I suppose you have to compromise somewhere, but for £329, you can’t complain too much. Watch the video above for my full thoughts.

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Asus plans netbook with optical drive

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All the pillars that we once knew as hallmarks of netbookiness are crumbling. Screen sizes now go up to 12.1″, the Atom processor is being seen less and less regularly, solid state drives are rare and now Asus is bringing out a model with an optical drive attached!

The E1004DN will have an optical drive, as well as an Intel Atom N280 CPU paired with GN40 chipset, and a 120GB hard drive. It’ll be out mid-April in Taiwan and will cost NT$18,000-20,000, which is about £375 or so in quids.

(via Digitimes)

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Orange to offer Eee 901 with 3G for £25 a month

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Cautiously speaking, this looks like a good deal. If you’ve been thinking about getting a netbook then you’re probably familiar with the Eee 901, which is one of the best on the market. Well, Orange are poised to start selling the Eee for £25 a month on a two year contract with a 3GB-a-month data cap.

It’ll only be available in black and pink, but you also get the ability to send 100 texts from the device, too. The only problem? The device will probably be looking very long in the tooth in two year’s time, given that it’s nearly a year old already, and data will be considerably cheaper by then, too. Plus £25 a month over 24 months is £600. That’s a lot of cash for a machine that Asus are phasing out.

Orange (via Electric Pig)

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SHINY VIDEO PREVIEW: Asus Bamboo Notebook

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In the video above, Lucy takes us through Asus’s all-new, very green, energy-saving Bamboo laptop. It’s made almost entirely of recycled materials, and everything in it can be recycled after the laptop becomes obsolete. It’s a sustainable laptop, if you will.


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Asus discontinues 700 and 900 range of Eee PC netbooks

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President of Asus, Jerry Shen, has confirmed that the company is intending to phase out its older Eee PC models in favour of the larger, more recent models, like the 1002HA. The company currently has no models planned with a screen smaller than 10″.

It’s a bit of a strange move from the company who single-handed launched the netbook concept on the world a year ago, and who has since been sticking the “Eee PC” tag on everything it produces. Asus are, however, planning a $200 Eee PC for the US market, which will probably translate to £150 or so over here, if it ever makes it to the UK.

Asus Eee PC (via PC Pro)

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Asus to launch Android-powered smartphone

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What’s the betting Asus are going to call this the EeePhone? Fairly high, I’d imagine, given their tendency to slap the Eee label on everything they produce. The Taiwanese company recently brought out a Windows Mobile-powered smartphone, but this one will run Google’s new mobile OS – Android.

Initially the phones will likely be only for sale in Taiwan, but Asus have mentioned the prospect of bringing them abroad. No more details as yet, but when some more surface, we’ll be sure to share them. It’s good to see more manufacturers making use of the Android platform.

Asus (via IntoMobile)

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