VIDEO PREVIEW – Sony's new Touch and Pocket Readers

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Tech Digest today met up with Omar Gurhan, category manager for Sony's range of Reader devices. He talks us through their 2010 line-up in the above video, giving all the details on the latest improvements to their Touch and…

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Sony Touch and Pocket Reader ebook line-up – Hands On

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Sony have today been showing off their updated range of ereader devices. Both the Pocket and Touch Reader devices have been given a once-over, with revamped touchscreens on both models, as well as smaller and lighter builds. Tech Digest went…

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BeBook eBook rEader- now available in the UK

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A new eBook reader has entered the UK market – the BeBook. Despite not being affiliated with the social networking site of the same name, it seems decent enough. There’s 512MB of flash memory (which should hold 1000 books or so) along with an SD card slot, a 6″ e-ink display, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a battery life of ‘7,000 page turns’.

The device will display pdf, mobi, lit, epub, html, doc, fb2, txt, ppt, prc, rtf, jpg, and mp3 files. It probably doesn’t need saying, but playing MP3s will eat up your battery life a lot quicker than just reading books and looking at documents.

If you want one, then they’re available direct from the distributor, Widget, for £230. Your BeBook will come with 150 eBooks pre-installed, and you can buy or download more from various places across the net.

BeBook (via SW)

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eBook Reader from Sony launches for pre-order today

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Smaller than a hardback but with more than 160 times the words, the Sony Reader handheld eBook is here.

Weighing in at 260g, the Reader stores and displays PDF, RTF, TXT, JPEGs and MS Word in e-ink with enough battery power for around 6,800 page turns in one charge, which is apparently enough to read War and Peace five times over. Once will do me fine, thanks.
You can order pre-order it today…

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Esquire magazine thinks that the 21st century begins in September, thanks to E-Ink

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Despite what the header may imply, E-Ink is not a mind-altering narcotic (although I’ve personally never tried drinking the contents of a Sony Reader). E-Ink is in fact an amazing new-ish type of electronic paper that could revolutionise the way we think about books and magazines. You can already see its extremely impressive abilities in the aforementioned Sony device, as well as its rival, the Amazon Kindle. This does not explain the appalling time keeping at Esquire though.

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Hitachi's e-ink 'Silhouette Screen' W61H (it's just a kind of mobile phone)

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As well as all your usual phone bits like being able to make calls, send text messages and also working as a clock/watch, the Hitachi W61H has a special kind of screen stuck on the outside of it to make it look all edgy and designery.

It’s an e-ink screen – a kind of super-low-power ultra-thin display technology (yes, we had to look it up) – capable of showing pretty patterns. Up to 95 pretty monochromatic patterns.

The potential uses for this are limitless. Or incredibly limited.


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