CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: Set-top boxes from Sky, Apple, TVonics and more!

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What good is a brand new TV sitting wrapped underneath your Christmas tree this goodwill season if you've got nothing to watch on it? While plenty of TVs have built in digital tuners, only the most expensive have web connected…

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REVIEW: TVonics DTR-HD500 Freeview+ HD recorder

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Name: DTR-HD500 Freeview+ HD recorder (TVonics) Type: HD set-top box and recorder Specs: Click here for full specs Price: £255.31 direct from TVonics Let's not beat around the bush; £250+ is a hell of a lot of money to…

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Watch TV on your BlackBerry with free SlingPlayer Mobile beta

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Sling Media has announced that it’s making its SlingPlayer Mobile software available for a range of BlackBerry devices from 30th December.

If you’ve got a BlackBerry Bold, Curve 8900, Curve 8820, Curve 8320, Pearl Flip 8220 or Pearl 8120 then you’ll be able to download the public beta version for free from the SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry web site and start controlling your Slingbox while on the move…

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FetchTV launches: subscription-free VOD with Freeview and DVR

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IP Vision has announced a new hybrid set-top box which can be used to access the complete range of Freeview channels, acts as a digital video recorder (DVR), as well as being able to access a range of video on demand content over the Internet.

The company is keen to point out that this is a subscription-free, operator independent service, unlike those from the likes of BT, Virgin Media and Tiscali. It can be used with any broadband provider.

At launch, over 1,200 hours of content will be available in the VoD library including films and programmes from Paramount, ITV, Turner Broadcasting, Eagle Vision, Fremantle, Entertainment Rights and Aardman…

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Sharp intros AQUOS Blu-ray DVRs with up to 1TB of storage

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Sharp is to launch three new AQUOS combo units in Japan, featuring a Blu-ray player and Digital Video Recorder plus digital and analogue TV tuners.

Available with three hard drive sizes — 250GB, 500GB, or 1TB — they record to the hard drive in the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 format in any of three different bitrates (4.8, 8, and 12Mbps), so users can choose what quality to record at and, consequently, how much content can be stored…

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Third generation Apple TV to include DVR functionality, analyst suggests

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Apple may well add digital video recorder functionality to its third generation of the Apple TV, according to the analyst Shaw Wu from American Technology Research.

This would turn the product offering into a “real business” rather than just a “hobby”, and could be a real money-spinner for Apple…

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