IFA 2011 VIDEO: Sony Tablet P preview, pricing and release date

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First an official name and then an official spec sheet; IFA 2011 killed two birds with one show-stone for Sony's Tablet P device, formally known as the S2. A 9.4 inch device, its unique selling point is its dual-screen…

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Microsoft's dual-screen Courier tablet cancelled

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Microsoft's Courier, the promising dual-screen tablet concept that the company have been teasing us with since September of last year will now never see the light of day. Frank Shaw, Microsoft Corporate VP of Communications, confirmed that work on…

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MWC 2010: Day 3 Round Up

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Day 3 of MWC 2010 draws to a close, and today surprisingly saw quite a few animal-inspired devices. Obviously yesterday we had the Puma Phone, but today saw Sonim launch the XP2 Spirit with its sturdy sheet of protective "Gorilla…

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MWC 2010: Texas Instruments OMAP4 Blaze prototype packs in Android, dual-screens and a projector

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Here's one of the crazier items we've seen come out of Mobile World Congress this week, the Texas Instruments OMAP4 Blaze prototype. At first glance it looks like an oversized Blackberry, what with its curved shape and bottom set keyboard….

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Plica dual-screen mobile phone concept

Andy Merrett Mobile phones 1 Comment


Mobile phones becoming ever more like powerful mini computers is even more apparent on the Plica than on the likes of the iPhone or Nokia N95.

Though only a concept at present, the idea is appealing. Take two decent-sized screens, one of which can be used for touch input, and the other for display. Reminiscent of the Nintendo DS, particularly when opened out in mini-notebook style, the entire virtual keyboard can be used horizontally, allowing for greater typing accuracy. Of course, other methods of input would simply be a software change away…

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