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The Geek shall inherit the Earth! Far too long have we sat in the shadows, pouring over our alphabetised VHS collection of Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes, plotting our rise while caressing a handful of D&D 12 sided dice!…

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Drive: The greatest Grand Theft Auto film there will never be

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Every couple of months, rumours of an impending videogame-to-movie adaptation of the Grand Theft Auto series rears its head. And with good reason; taking their cues from iconic gangster flicks from the silver screen, RockStar Game's infamous crime sims…

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Buffalo intros world's first solid state NAS drive: quiet storage at a price

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We’re gradually moving to a world where devices that used to have hard drives in them are now sporting solid-state drives instead, but it’s still quite a hit on the wallet.

Take Buffalo’s latest device which it claims is a world first — a solid state Network Attached Storage (NAS) device that can be used to store all your multimedia files, is compact, reliable, has low power consumption, and is extremely quiet…

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Seagate Fail part two: firmware fix breaks other drives

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Poor Seagate. Late last week, the news broke that their Barracuda 7200.11 1TB drives were failing en masse. Admirably, the company’s already published a firmware fix, but maybe they pushed it out a little too fast because it’s causing 500GB drive owners’ discs to fail en masse.

The update has been taken offline for the moment, and users of 1TB and 750GB drives are reporting successful updates, but if you’re on a 500GB drive and you’ve downloaded but not installed the update, then I certainly don’t recommend doing so just yet.

Seagate Forum (via Tom’s Hardware)

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ECCENTRIC BRITISH HEROES: Neil Laughton driving/flying his Skycar from London to Timbuktu

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Adventurer and after-dinner speaker Neil Laughton’s customised dune buggy can fly. So he’s going to fly it – taking off from London this Wednesday, and landing/rolling up in Timbuktu approximately 42 days later.

The buggy comes with a detachable ParaWing (parachute/aerofoil thing) and has a fan on the back of it, allowing it to take off into the sky when it hits 45mph – and it can then cruise at 70mph at a possible and terrifying maximum altitude of 15,000 feet…

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Toshiba will be showing off capacious SSD at CES

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If you needed any more evidence that solid-state-drives (SSDs) will be taking over from traditional hard drives pretty damn soon, then here it is. Toshiba’s developed an SSD that’s 512GB – twice the size of their recently launched 256GB model.

SSDs use fast flash memory for storage, rather than the traditional mechanical magnetic platter which is slower and more prone to failure. This particular drive uses 43-nanometer Multi-Level Cell (MLC) NAND flash technology to cram those gigabytes into a 2.5″ enclosure.

Tosh will also be offering 256GB, 128GB and 64GB drives, each in a choice of 1.8″ or 2.5″ enclosures.They’ll be available sometime between April and June, but they’ll be shown off at CES in January. No pricing info yet.

Toshiba (via Cnet)

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DREAMCAST NEWS: PC modder crams Blu-ray media computer into DC's lovely white case

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The beautiful, chunky, solid, reliable and timelessly elegant casing of Dreamcast has been put to good use by some crazed PC modder, who’s managed to fit a full PC – including Blu-ray drive and HDMI outputs – into its stylish little form. A form that was BETTER than the form of PlayStation2.

The controller ports round the front have been turned into USB slots, there’s a 160GB hard drive and 2GB of RAM inside, plus it runs Windows XP…

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Nitrogen-infused golf club allows you to pretend to be John Daly

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This, ladies and gentlemen, is the PowerBilt Air Force One. It’s a golf club, and it’s full of Nitrogen. Why is it full of Nitrogen? I’m glad you asked. It’s full of Nitrogen because Nitrogen improves the ‘trampoline effect’ when the club makes contact with the ball, and allows the makers to produce a club that gives you optimum distance but retains a large sweet spot.

All in all, you’re going to end up with a drive like John Daly’s. The driver’s going to cost US$500, along with US$350 for a fairway wood and US$250 for a hybrid iron. I don’t know much about how much golf clubs cost, but that does seem rather on the expensive side. Still, for the longest drive in Golf, perhaps it’s worth it.

PowerBilt (via CrunchGear)

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The Chinese are building an "impossible" space drive

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There’s a school of thought in Science, not widely subscribed to, that says “if it looks impossible, keep trying to do it until it works”. That’s the attitude China are taking towards perpetual motion, and they reckon they’ve cracked it. It’s an electromagnetic drive, which converts electromagnetic energy into thrust via microwaves. That’s a picture of it, up there.

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