CES 2009: WowWee Cinemin Pico Projectors – candybar, swivel and dock

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Last time we heard from WowWee, they showed Ashley a robot at last year’s CES. I guess they decided that there’s not much money in robots, because this year they’ve got a bunch of cheap, tiny, but remarkably attractive projectors instead.

From left to right, there’s the “Stick”, which takes SD cards, but also has some internal memory, the “Station”, which lets you both dock your iPod and display its contents, and the “Swivel” which has a 90° hinge, letting you project your videos skyward. It also packs a three-hour battery life, for those long sessions of lying on your back. No pricing or availability yet, beyond “2009”.

Find more CES coverage here. Tempted? I sure am.

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The Fusion Electronics CA-IP500 car stereo with unique iPod deep-throating dock action

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Leaving your iPod sitting there in the ashtray while you pop into ASDA to see if they’re making jam or custard doughnuts in the bakery today is a definite no-no – so keep it safely hidden from view by ramming it right down into the stomach of the Fusion Electronics CA-IP500 music player.

The deep unit swallows an entire iPod, just like an old cassette-based car player, leaving it hidden from the view of opportunist thieves who want your iPod player for its potential eBay resale value and not your artistic tastes in music.


It’s slightly unsettling tearing the poor thing’s face off and ramming an iPod down its throat, but as long as you don’t get too emotionally…

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SHINY VIDEO REVIEW: Logic3 Valve80 iPod Dock

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Here’s the rather delightful Valve80 iPod dock from Logic3. It’s expensive, but it sounds absolutely amazing compared to your average dock. In fact, calling it a ‘dock’ is a bit of an insult – it’s a bonafide Hi-Fi amplifier, with two audio inputs and video out. £300 quid though… crumbs… that’s not going to go down well with your bank manager.

Logic3 Valve80

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Marantz launches Bluetooth wireless iPod dock and hi-fi receiver

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We’re pretty selective about what iPod docks we cover at Tech Digest, given that there must be hundreds of them floating about now and they’re all much of a muchness. However, we like Marantz, so the latest Bluetooth wireless iPod dock is definitely worth a mention.

First up, the dock looks good. It’s compact, holds the larger iPods at a nice angle (pictured is the iPod touch), and should fit in anywhere…

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Logic3 releases iPod dock with valve amplifier

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iPod docks, as I’ve said before, are ten-a-penny around here. They’re not the most exciting product to write about, and every company in the world makes one. This, however, is something special. It’s got valves.

If you don’t know why that’s good, then go ask your neighborhood audiophile. It basically makes the music sound ‘warmer’, and valve amps have long been praised for the lovely feel that they give to sound and music. Of course they’re not cheap. This model costs £300. For that, you’re getting lovely lovely sound, a pair of 40W speakers (though you can plug in whatever speakers you like) and two auxiliary inputs, for plugging in your TV or stereo. Full specs are over the jump.

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REVIEW: Wacom Bamboo Applications

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Following my preview of the new applications available for Wacom’s “Bamboo” PC input tablets the other week, Wacom has sent me a tablet to have a play with, and test out the new apps. Here’s what I think.

Bamboo Scribe
I was originally going to try to write this whole post just using the tablet and bamboo scribe to convert my handwriting into text, but then I realised that it would take me hours. I don’t have hours, so you’ve got a keyboarded post instead.

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Yamaha intros four mini audio systems, all with iPod docks

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While we try to limit the number of iPod-friendly audio equipment featured on Tech Digest these days, when something comes along from Yamaha it’s usually worth paying attention to, even if it does have a big slot in the top for Apple’s music player.

The latest mini systems from Yamaha aren’t necessarily the most attractive (they look a little bit “squished” for my liking) but they pack a fair punch specs wise…

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