Beer dispenser can chill your lager, be disguised as blender

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Easily hidden from your disapproving estrogen-laden other half, this beer dispenser has been disguised to look just like a blender.

Simply fill up the chiller compartment with ice-cubes, and then you can decant four pints’ worth of beer (or whatever alcoholic beverage you’d prefer to get you in the mood for a Club Tropicana singalong). Just…

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Pour your own beer from your kitchen cupboard, with this CDA beer dispenser

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One for the blokes, or just anyone that enjoys a good pint of yeast, this beer dispenser from CDA can be installed in any standard kitchen cupboard, perhaps under the sink, instead of those useless spray-bottles of Cif. Who needs cleaning products, anyway?

It’s 60cm tall, and illuminates your midnight beer-pouring antics with its soft blue LED glow. Included in the kit is a CO² cylinder, along with a keg adaptor, temperature gauge and pressure gauge. What’s not included is Berocca, which you’ll be needing the morning after, let me assure you. It costs £1,155…

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One for us OCD-folk, the Miscea sensor-activated, soap dispensing tap

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miscea-sensor-tap.jpgOne thing I love about staying in hotels is that quite often in the shower they have automatic shampoo and conditioner dispensers, handy as I always forget to take my own, and they appeal to the robot-worshipper within me.

The designers at Miscea must’ve taken inspiration from these life-saving dispensers, and have debuted…

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