Digital Economy Bill will not be repealed

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The Digital Economy Bill, the move rushed in during the last days of the Labour government that would see ISPs suspending the accounts of illegal file-sharers, will not be repealed. That is according to the New Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport…

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Poll shows 1 in 3 Brits believe piracy is "acceptable"

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Microsoft have today published a report on attitudes towards software piracy. Timed to coincide with the second reading of the Digital Economy Bill, the report reveals that piracy is rampant in both homes and workplaces across the UK. The poll…

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BT slams government's plans to tackle illegal file sharers

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Dealing with online piracy has often been a bone of contention between operators and the government, but since the plans laid out in the Digital Economy Bill were announced, disagreements has stepped up a notch. Now BT's chief executive Ian…

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