Apple iPad 2 In-Depth Guide: Everything you need to know

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To absolutely no-one's surprise last night, Apple lifted the lid on the next generation of their iOS tablet, the iPad 2. "Faster, lighter, thinner" was the mantra of the night, as a relatively healthy-looking Steve Jobs took to the stage…

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VIDEO: iPad 2 apps – FaceTime, Garageband, Photobooth, iMovie quick preview

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Things have quietened down a bit now at the Apple event, so we took one last look at some of the new apps launching with iOS 4.3 on the iPad 2. This brief video will give you a tiny taster…

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VIDEO: Apple iPad 2 hands-on

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Clawing through the media scrum at the Apple iPad 2 launch event was a bit like going ten rounds with Mike Tyson, but Tech Digest and Shiny Shiny braved the crowds to grab some very quick hands-on video time with…

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Apple iPad 2 Launch Event: LIVE from 5.45pm GMT!

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Tech Digest and Shiny Shiny will be live from Apple's glitzy media event at BBC Television Centre this evening, where all the latest announcements straight out of Cupertino will be beamed to a ravenous gang of tech journos. Safe…

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Nintendo 3Ds pre-orders drop below £200 at Sainsbury's

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The Nintendo 3DS, the gaming giant's forthcoming glasses-free 3D handheld, holds the dubious title of being proclaimed the most expensive portable games console ever, with an estimated retail price of around £229. Ouch. If you're on a tight budget but…

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