Whack it! Whack it good! (With the Desktop Arcade Challenge, not Devo)

Katherine Hannaford Peripherals 1 Comment

USB-whack-it.jpgThis USB desktop version of the ancient What It game is probably intended as a fun way to pass the time away whilst at your desk, but for me, I’m envisioning taking out my rage at pages not loading fast enough and my favourite blogs not being updated enough, BOP! BOP! BOP! TAKE THAT! POW!

I can feel the rage seeping away already. The aim of the game is dead-easy, you just have to whack the coloured ‘moles’ (or Jelly Baby heads, as I call them) on the head as they light up, with the pace of the game progressing faster and faster in either a 30 or 60 second limit. Powered…

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Microsoft's Surface: what it does, who it's for, and why we should lust after one

Katherine Hannaford Columns & Opinion, Computers, Top stories, Wireless home 1 Comment

When several of us Tech Digest writers were present at Bill Gates’s keynotes speech at CES in Las Vegas and saw a brief display of what we now know is Surface, which Dave announced earlier this morning, none of us realised it would be released this year. Heck, we thought we were looking at the sort of space-age technology that comes hand-in-hand with flying cars and bite-sized pills for every meal.

Instead, Surface will be released into the wild (well, commercial wild, anyway) this Winter, where T-Mobile, Starwood Hotels, Harrah’s casinos and gambling-company IGN will have first access to this exciting new way of computing…

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