CES 2012 VIDEO: Panasonic VT50 Plasma 3DTV eyes-on preview

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We went eyes-on with Panasonic's impressive new plasma screen range at CES 2012, and came away gobsmacked by the quality of the VT50 series. Two different models will be headed to shops; the 55-inch P55VT50 and the 65-inch P65VT50….

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CES 2012 VIDEO: Sony Bloggie Live demo

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Sony's Bloggie range may be facing stiff competition from the ever-improving video recording abilities of smartphone's, but this year's product line refresh does include at least one significant feature. Sony's Bloggie Live, as well as shooting 16MP stills and…

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PREVIEW: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

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How do you follow up one of, if not the most successful first person shooter of all time? If the sequel in question is the one to follow Modern Warfare 2, then the answer is to "blow lots of…

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VIDEO – GoCycle: riding about town and chatting with its inventor

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What do you do when you stop engineering sports cars for McLaren? You turn your hand to revolutionising the humble bicycle, that's what! Anna from Tech Digest sister-site Shiny Shiny had a chat with Richard Thorpe, creator of the…

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Medal of Honor – PS3 Preview

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Where once Medal of Honor was the premier war game shooter series, over time the franchise has been milked to within an inch of its life, hitting every platform from the PC to the GBA, with increasingly "meh"-inducing results….

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Shopaholics at Westfield get Sky 3D TV demo next week

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Traipsing through the cavernous Westfield shopping centre might not be as arduous a task as it sounds next week, thanks to a special 3D TV trial that Sky are running. Sky will be handing out 3D glasses to shopaholics visiting…

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