WIN a pair of Sennheiser David Bowie inspired headphones and book worth £259

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To celebrate the V&A’s unique ‘David Bowie is’ exhibition (23 March – 11 August), event partner and headphone specialist Sennheiser has created 500 pairs of ‘MOMENTUM Special Edition’ headphones. These closed-back ‘around-the-ear’ headphones have been created for music lovers wanting…

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Likwid iPhone app lets you bop along to music-based puzzles

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Likwid is the latest music based app game from FunMobility. However, whereas most music games stick almost religiously to the tap-a-long format laid down by the likes of Guitar Hero, Likwid prefers brain-bending puzzles. The objective is to fill targets,…

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Shiny Video Preview: I Want One Of Those (IWOOT) Christmas goodies

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Wednesday night saw one of the first Christmas parties of the year. In September. Yes, September. But hey, any excuse to quaff wine and check out some of the gadgets and gizmos we’ll all be buying for our friends’ Christmas stockings in a few months’ time.

Susi had a look at a couple of the products I Want One Of Those are touting to be big Christmas gifts, the…

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Nokia to launch music download service with key independent record shops

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Nokia will tomorrow launch a new music download site which will let users buy tracks from 40 of the world's most influential record stores, including London's Puregroove records, New York's Fat Beats, Chicago's Reckless, Berlin's Hard Wax, Tokyo's Mona Records,…

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