Britney Spears is the most searched for celebrity of the decade

Gerald Lynch Tech Digest news 2 Comments

Ask Jeeves have revealed the details of the most searched for public figures of the decade. In at number one is popstar Britney Spears, whose meteoric rise to fame, mental collapse and comeback has spanned the entirety of the decade,…

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Lucky Korea, David Beckham is advertising the Motorola Razr 2 there, NAKED!

Katherine Hannaford Mobile phones 2 Comments

beckham-topless.jpg Phwroar! Feast your eyes on that! It’s not so much that it’s David Beckham, it’s more that we finally have a topless man on the pages of Tech Digest. For, um, all you men who read this blog…whoops…

Shiny Shiny wrote about how Beckham signed up with Motorola some time ago, to advertise their Razr 2, but finally, FINALLY, we have the nekkid pics…

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Bill Gates plans holiday in Beijing?

Gary Cutlack Weirdness 1 Comment

bill_gates.jpgA poll conducted in China has placed Microsoft Geek-in-Chief Bill Gates as the second most desirable man in the world – for Chinese women to use as a sperm donor.

The overall winner was Hong Kong actor/singer/love hunk Andy Lau, made famous in over 100 HK action movies. David Beckham’s sporting thoroughbred seed placed fifth…

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How David Beckham can prepare for a possible England recall

Katherine Hannaford Uncategorized Leave a Comment

beckham5.jpgBeleaguered England coach Steve McLaren has hinted that David Beckham may be coming back to the squad.

McLaren’s quoted as saying he’s been “keeping an eye” on Beckham’s “form” (and with pictures like that, who hasn’t?). So how can our Dave ensure he’s in McLaren’s eyeline? By working the spotlight with an array of handy gadgets, of course.

Want to keep a closer eye on Beckham yourself? Then enter Lost Weekend’s amazing Beckham competition.

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