SmartSwipe credit card reader makes online shopping safer

Gerald Lynch Computer Security, Gadgets, Tech Digest news 4 Comments

SmartSwipe, the USB credit card reader that makes shopping online quicker and safer, is now available from Great for online shopaholics and those wary of inputting their credit card details online, this USB gadget lets you swipe the card…

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MWC 2010: Day 3 Round Up

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Day 3 of MWC 2010 draws to a close, and today surprisingly saw quite a few animal-inspired devices. Obviously yesterday we had the Puma Phone, but today saw Sonim launch the XP2 Spirit with its sturdy sheet of protective "Gorilla…

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BMW key fob to double as your credit card

Duncan Geere Travel Gadgets, Vehicles 4 Comments


Okay, we’ve seen
Oyster cards on your mobile
, car keys on your mobile, and barcode scanners on your mobile. BMW are taking the mobile out of the equation, however, and putting credit card functionality on your car keys. Experimental fob technology will allow you to pay for cheap items with just a swipe of your keys, like a Paywave card…

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