10 bands and artists who use Garageband, and will probably use the iPad 2 app too

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Alongside the iPad 2 launch last night, Apple also revealed a handful of new apps ready to be downloaded alongside the new slate. We've written an in-depth guide to the new Garageband app, which you can read by clicking…

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Courtney Love on a Radiohead-style digital release, forgets previous album sold 250,000 copies

Katherine Hannaford Digital Music 2 Comments

courtney-love-radiohead.jpgCourtney Love still makes music?! You mean, she has time in her schedule amongst flogging Kurt’s clothes and organising biopics about him?! That woman never ceases to amaze, as according to her incoherent ramblings on her MySpace account, she wants to go down the Radiohead route, by possibly releasing her music exclusively online.

Those with graduate degrees in decoding insane, possibly drug-related musings, appearing to be written by a 14-year old English-language hating morons can click here to read the full extent…

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