How Twitter and chat are saving live TV. And it is more than Ask The Chancellors

Ashley Norris Twitter 4 Comments

For years now the accepted wisdom from broadcasters has been that live TV is becoming less and less important as viewers timeshift everything on devices like the Sky + box to watch later at their own convenience (and obviously skip…

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Top Four TV Shows we want to see as Wii games

Gerald Lynch Features, Gallery, Gaming, Satellite TV, Tech Digest news, Weirdness 6 Comments

To celebrate 50 years of being on the goggle-box, Coronation Street is all set to get its own Wii game. There are few details on the title so far, other than that you can expect street-stars from past and present…

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Coronation Street on Google Street View

shinychris Google, Websites 2 Comments

Everyone’s looked at their own house and had a nosey up and down their own street and around the local shops. But now you can check out Coronation Street on Google Street View.

The 360-degree images of the famous cobbles have taken the Google Street View team months to piece together, but they are now available for you to explore as if you were an actual Corrie character or visitor wanting to find your way to the Kabin or Roy’s Rolls.

Coronation Street is the first TV soap to feature on Google Street View. The soap’s producers threw open the gates to the set for the special Google car with camera equipment on its roof earlier this year to mark the re-launch of its websites. A Corrie spokesman said: “Thanks to Street View, fans will be able to have a good nose around the set in a way that would have been unimaginable almost 50 years ago when the show first aired.”

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