HANDS-ON: Winter BBQs back on the menu with indoor Philips Avance Grill

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We here at Tech Digest aren't normally ones for covering cooking appliances. We'd need Google Maps to find our way around a kitchen, with our culinary skills not stretching far beyond a top-notch Pot Noodle. But when Philips gave us…

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iPhone App Store Round-Up: BSM Theory coach, ninjas and more!

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A cookery room opens on Apple's iPhone App Store this week, along with tree climbing ninjas in the Ninjatown: Trees of Doom game and all the latest cricket coverage with the Official ICC WT20 Scores and Videos app. And, if…

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25 Camping Gadgets you really should have

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The British camping season is now truly upon us, offering inexpensive holidays under canvas.

Here are 25 bits of kit that will make your life a lot easier, whether you’re cooking, foraging, hiking, or relaxing under the stars.


1. Tent

It goes without saying that you’ll need a decent tent if you’re planning on sleeping in a field.

My personal favourites are Khyam tents. They come in a wide range of sizes and styles and are generally quick and easy to erect. You may pay a bit more but you can usually find them on special offer, and they’ll last a long time…

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Roll-up cooking mat design could prove useful in small flats

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He’s a clever chap, Designer Maurizio Maiorana. He’s put together a concept design for a cooking mat that can be folded up and used on any surface without burning it. It’s all thanks to the remarkable thermal properties of silver.

There’s three hotplates on the device, and they’re surrounded by holes that blow out hot air, keeping the bottom cool while keeping a pan hot. As it connects with just a normal plug, this could also be useful for campers, or people in caravans.

It can handle temperatures of -60 to 280 degrees Celsius, and should be pretty easy to clean, too, thanks to the liquid silicone rubber that the whole thing’s made of. I want one.

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USB lunchbox pumps out 60°C of face-melting heat

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This scares me a little. It’s a little bag with a heating element in, which claims to cook your lunch when plugged in via USB. In reality though, 60C is barely warmer than a cup of tea – certainly not enough to kill any bacteria. Don’t rely on it to grill a steak beyond “rare”.

On the other hand, if all you’re doing is heating up your cous-cous, then my objection isn’t so pronounced. Who knows? Maybe in the hands of Heston Blumenthal it could be a force for good. Now there’s a program I’d like to see – Heston Blumenthal’s USB Lunchbox.

Thanko (via Oh! Gizmo)

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Guitar Hero cupcakes are packed with star power

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At the moment, I’ve got a bunch of chocolate cornflake clusters to serve my sugar habit, but when they run out I’ll definitely be making these. For best effect, arrange them on a cooling rack in the pattern of one of the solos in ‘Through the Fire and Flames‘.

In fact, if you laid out that entire song in cupcakes, I wonder how many people it would feed. Answers on a comment-shaped-postcard.

Domestic Scientist (via Crafty Crafty)

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