Kogan consumer electronics to take on "rip-off Britain"

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New-kids-on-the–consumer-electronics-block Kogan are preparing to set up shop in the UK, and are looking to take on the extortionate prices of "rip-off Britian" head on. The company have been doing roaring trade over in Australia, offering prices 20% to 50%…

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Belkin is 'extremely sorry' for buying good reviews on Amazon

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Belkin’s slapping its own wrists, after The Daily Background caught them offering 65 cents for every good review posted on Amazon.com, and asked participants to “Mark any other negative reviews as not helpful”. Rather shady, no? Well, it turns out that Belkin’s upper management agree, and have issued a full apology.

The upper echelons claim not to have been aware of the tactic, which was instigated by one Michael Bayard, a Business Development Representative at Belkin. All the requests are now down, and any reviews posted have been removed. Still, I suspect Mr Bayard is now either out of a job, or keeping his head way down.

Belkin’s apology (via Geek.com)

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Introducing the virus that farts at you, fool

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Programming computer viruses must be a fairly mundane job at times, which is why I’m not surprised that some have decided to inject a bit of humour into their work.

According to customer calls to Panda Security, there are some new bits of infectious code becoming installed on PCs that either hurl insults — repeatedly calling the owner a fool — or else make squelching or farting noises.

One customer, who clearly has an extensive knowledge of what it sounds like when body parts are removed from foodstuffs, said that the noise was similar to “taking a foot out of jelly”…

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Brits mainly use their mobile phones for texting and voice calls

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nokia_sms.gifDespite the diverse range of mobile phone handsets boasting a myriad of advanced features, 60% of UK consumers still use their mobiles exclusively for sending text messages and making phone calls.

Three in five people who took part in the SNAPin Software survey said that they were simply not interested in using the other mobile services available on their phone, while nearly a third were confused about how they’d be billed, and one in five said they couldn’t be bothered to learn how to use new features.

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Top ten things Tech Digest is looking forward to at CES 2008, part two

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tech-digest-fear-loathing-CES.jpgWe’re out in Las Vegas now, and it’s high time I wrapped up our Top Ten Things We’re Looking Forward To At CES 2008 feature. Before I have any more margaritas, obviously. Here’s numbers six to ten…

6.) 2008’s touted iPhone killer –
Sigh. How I hate writing those words, but we all know it’s true. Whilst 3GSM is the big mobile-con of the year, handset manufacturers can hardly avoid the temptation of announcing the year’s ‘must-have’ fingerprint smeared devices – after all, the whole world’s technology media is in attendance, promising…

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Which? calling for insurers to cover digital downloads

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musicnotes.jpgLeading consumer organisation “Which?” has called for insurers to move into the 21st century and begin acknowledging customer claims for loss of digital downloads.

Its own research suggests that less than half of the insurance companies it polled will cover the loss of music, video, and other downloads due to virus or hard drive failure.

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