REVIEW: Onyx Digital Stream DPS-1000

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Looking for web-connected features from your ageing flatscreen TV? Then the Digital Stream DPS-1000 from Onyx (recently refreshed to add LoveFilm support), may suit your needs for a bargain price, providing you can put up with a few glaring omissions.

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VIDEO: Top 5 CES 2011 TV tech

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CES 2011 how wondrous your goggleboxes were! From connected sets to mad 3D visors, the show threw up a load of new displays that Tech Digest would kill to have at home. We've pulled together our five favourite bits of…

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Samsung considering Android-based Google TVs

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Samsung are said to be considering developing a new line of TVs that would run Google's Android OS. After successfully launching their brand new range of 3D TVs, which have completely sold out in the company's home territory of Korea,…

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