Sony give mix-tape lovers a retro lifeline with the CFD-A110 boom box

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The floppy-disc may have gone the way of the Dodo, but there is one ageing technology that may yet prove to be as resilient as a cockroach; the cassette tape. Maybe it's the sentimentality that we attach to our favourite…

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Sony Ericsson Zylo and Spiro Walkman phones revealed

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Sony Ericsson have just revealed two brand new Walkman phones, named the Zylo and Spiro. Both phones are, as you'd imagine, very music focussed, with both featuring Sony Ericsson's TrackID and PlayNow, the phone maker's own takes on Shazam and…

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Mobile apps to be bigger than CDs by 2012

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Could mobile phone apps be set to outsell CDs? That's the prediction GetJar are making, believing that applications will generate $17.5 billion worth of revenues in 2012, compared to CD's $13.83 billion as predicted by the IFPI. The prediction comes…

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Brits still like music CDs despite rise in Internet downloads

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cd_rack.jpgWe’re still an nation who likes our CD collections, according to recent figures from the British Phonographic Industry.

Despite the rise in popularity of music downloading (both legal and not), nearly half of the people recently surveyed by PlusNet said that they thought it would be at least ten years until the CD becomes obsolete, with one n ten saying that the format would never die.

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Happy birthday to the CD: 25 years old today

Andy Merrett Digital Music 1 Comment

dvd.jpgExactly 25 years ago today — August 17th, 1982 — Philips manufactured the first compact disc, at their factory near Hanover, Germany.

Co-developed by Philips and Sony, over 200 billion CDs have been sold in that time.

The first CD to be manufactured at the plant was “The Visitors” by ABBA, though the initial catalogue of CDs launched in November 1982 were mainly classical music recordings.

Unsurprisingly, Japan were first to see CD players and discs, with European and US consumers getting hold of the technology in March 1983.

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