Retro Thing release classic USB Joystick. Take that, evil space invaders!

Gerald Lynch Gadgets, Gaming, Peripherals, Retro gear, Tech Digest news 2 Comments

You can shove your PS3s and Xbox 360s; put yourself in front of a classic Galaxian arcade cabinet and watch as it devourers all the silver in your pockets with old-school gaming joy. Emulators like MAME may keep your piggybank…

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Whoever owns the Commodore brand is getting in on the Netbook scene, with the UMMD 8010/F

Gary Cutlack Computers, IFA 2008, Laptops / Notebooks 5 Comments


Honestly, my dad’s got a Netbook coming out this Autumn. He’s pitching it against my mum’s, which is simply a lower-spec version of the one my sister put out last year.

The point is, everyone’s releasing bloody mega-portable Eee PC-alikes these days – even companies we all thought had long since stopped existing. Like Commodore here, with its all-new UMMD 8010/F, a netbook featuring pretty much what we’ve come to expect from one of these new wave mini laptops. Brace yourselves, the technical specifications paragraph is coming up next…

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Commodore PCs get pretty, sorry, HARDCORE paint jobs with C-Kin Designs, like this Rubik’s Cube one

Katherine Hannaford Computers Leave a Comment

commodore-PC-rubiks.jpgAs all good things in history, the Rubik’s Cube has seen a recent revival in the trend lists, and Commodore is certainly channelling the ’70s throwback through their latest gaming PC.

It may appear a bit stupid, hulking away on your home desk like a giant Rubik’s Cube-themed Autobot, but don’t let your friends rip into you too much, as we all know Commodore PCs are high-powered monsters…

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CeBIT 2007: Just what is Commodore up to?

Stuart Dredge CeBIT 2007, Gaming, MP3 players, Wireless home Leave a Comment

We've come a long way since the 8-bit days, that's for sure. One of the key stories from this year's CeBIT show so far has been the fact that Commodore is back with a vengeance. And happily, that doesn't just mean trading on the past glories of its C64 home computer, but is instead based on an entirely new generation of gadgets.

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