Eyeball clock makes you cross-eyed at 3:45pm

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I want one. Designer Mike Mak’s Eyeclock tells the time with a pair of constantly rotating eyeballs. The left eye represents hours, and the right one the minutes. At 12 hours or 60 minutes, the eyeballs look up, at 6 hours or 30 minutes they look down, and so on.

It’s just a concept design, sadly, but it’s still awesome. It couldn’t that hard to knock together yourself either, surely. Just take apart one of those clock kits and stick some big black circles to it, then mount it in a nice frame. I think I’ll have a word with CraftCrafty.

Mike Mak (via Technabob)

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Cause of mystery Zune shutdown revealed

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If you’re a Zune 30 owner – okay, chances are you’re not, but it’s interesting anyway – then you might have noticed that your Zune took a day’s holiday on 31st December. Microsoft has now issued an official response to the problem.

Turns out that the people who thought it might be something to do with the leap year were correct. The internal clock driver couldn’t work out the fact that there were 366 days in this year. The solution? Wait. Come midnight, US west coast time, all the Zune 30s started working perfectly again.

I can confirm that mine’s certainly back to normal. If you’re still having trouble, then try letting the device run out its battery, then charging it again and turning it on. It should then be fine. If not, drop us a line in the comments below.

30gb zune issues – official update (via comments on our original post)

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Decide if it's worth getting out of bed or not today with the Oregon Scientific Weather Box

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The Oregon Scientific Weather Box claims to be the thinnest-ever weather station, which will be a LIFESAVER, if, by some trillion-to-one chance, you’ve always been frustrated by the thickness of existing weather station options.

It is in contact with the outside world via radio, so you’ll always know what the weather is out there in the world – plus it regularly checks…

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What time is it? GUN O'CLOCK.

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There are a number of variations on the old ‘do-something-complicated-to-turn-off-an-alarm-clock-so-that-by-the-time-you-manage-it-you’re-properly-awake’ concept, but this is one of my favourites. The brilliantly-titled Gun O’Clock requires you to use a light gun to shoot a target before the damn thing stops beepily interrupting your dreams of Slave Girl Leia.

To make things a little more complicated, there are two modes. The first will adjust the ‘snooze’ time based on how quickly you’re able to hit the target. The quicker you hit it, the longer you’ll be able to sleep for. The second mode – ‘hard mode’ – requires you to hit the bullseye five times before the alarm will stop.

Unfortunately it’s only available in Japan. Damn. But if you’re sneaky, you might be able to get one from Geek Stuff 4 U.

(via Akihabara News)

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IFA 2008: Harman/Kardon MS 100 all-in-one audio system

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In stark contrast to the ugly ugly speakers we saw earlier, this all-in-one audio unit is considerably prettier. All-in-one isn’t an empty promise, either. It’s got an iPod dock, a CD player, FM radio, speakers, and a clock radio. Basically, sit this on your bedside table and you’ll never be wanting of audio entertainment ever again…

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Should Sony be launching the ICF-ClipMK2 iPhone clock radio dock? Anyone?

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Well now, this is a conflict of interest if ever I saw one. Why is Sony, who has a successful Sony Ericsson handset range, and (ok, a not-so-successful) Sony Walkman range, making an iPhone clock radio dock? Have they wired it so that the iPhone will explode once docked in the device, so users will be forced to buy Sony products to replace the iPhone?

It’s not just the concept which is strange – the model name, ICF-ClipMK2 isn’t particularly easy to rattle off the tongue, either. Still,…

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